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Positive Behavioral Intervention Systems (PBIS) in schools is a broad range of systematic and individualized strategies for achieving important social and learning outcomes; while preventing problem behavior.  One of the great components of PBIS is the concept “goodness of fit”, meaning PBIS is constructed around what fits our school. “Behavior support is the redesign of environments, not the redesign of individuals.”


PBIS is:

  •     Not a specific practice or curriculum…it’s a general approach to preventing problem behavior
  •     Not limited to any particular group of student’s…it’s for all students
  •        Not new…It’s based on a long history of behavioral practices and effective instructional design and strategies.


Some of the universal strategies PBS defines are:


  •    Statement of purpose
  •    Clearly defined expected behaviors (no more than 5 rules)
  •    Procedures for teaching and practicing expected behaviors
  •    Procedures for discouraging problem behaviors/Procedures for record-keeping and decision-making
  •    Family/Community Awareness and Involvement


We have defined Lovell Elementary's statement of purpose as follows:

The purpose of PBIS is to foster and promote a safe and positive school environment that enhances student learning through teaching and recognizing positive behavior.


We have also defined our expectations as follows:


      "We Have Bulldog Pride" 


Purpose- Know what you are supposed to do and Do It!


Respect- Treat others how you want to be treated.


Integrity- Do what is right when no one is looking.


Determination- Work hard and never give up.


Empathy- Understanding other people's feelings.