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Patti Hutchinson » Education. experience and bio

Education. experience and bio

When I graduate from Dickinson State College, I received a major in Business Education and a Minor in Physical Education. In 1988 I enrolled in the outreach program from Lesley College, Cambridge MS. A year and a half later, I completed the program and received a MA in Education with the emphasis on technology. I needed to update my Physical Education so in 2007 I enrolled in extended classes through the University of Wyoming to be able to teach Elementary Physical Education.

Teaching is something I have enjoyed for over 35 years. I started out at the high school level and worked there for 26 years. I was the Business/Annual teacher at Wibaux, MT for three years, but then came to Lovell and have been here ever since. At Lovell High School I taught Business classes that took on a whole new look as technology came along. My first Computer classes were done on Apples with up to four large drives. I also did the Annual and newspaper for several years. During this time I completed the curriculum from Lesley College to receive a MS of Education with the emphasis on technology. Four years ago I made a major change by moving into the Elementary PE position. I am having way too much fun here and look forward to each and every day coming to work. In order to make this move, I once again had to take classes. Because I had taught so long at the high school level the State Department required me to pick up more hours in PE. I had to hit the books and complete 17 hours of graduate work within the three year transition. Some of these classes were over the telephone and others were independent study. The point I always make to students is you never stop going to school and you never stop learning.

Education has always been a part of my life. I laugh that now I wouldn't know how to do a real job. Each and every day is so full of adventures with students. You never stop learning and having fun.
I have one boy and one girl. My son completed two tours to Afganistan and has also completed his 4 year tour of duty. He chuckles as he watches the weather this year in Fort Drum. Kris is very thankful for his Wyoming roots. He is currently working on a Bachelors  Degree in Criminal Law. He graduated with an Associate degree in general studies with honors.  He will now have to do his Bachelors Degree through the outreach from the University of Wyoming. .  Currently Kris is emplyed as a detention officer for Park County.  He works in the jail setting in Cody and truly loves what he does.   
My daughter has now graduated from nursing school at Powell and has passed her National Nursing Boards. After two years of working at the Powell Care Center, she has chosen to become a traveling nurse. Her goal is to work in all 50 states, but her very first step is Glasgow, MT. She had such fun traveling her first year but learned that having only worked in geriatrics, he needed to broaden her background to working in a hospital.  So off to Billings, Mt for more experience.  She just got hired as a psych nurse.   It is a foot in the door and she will move into the hospital.  She is not done traveling and will continue that journey which will definitely include Hawaii and Australia.  
My husband and I both grew up in a rural setting on ranches. I actually attended a one room school where there was no running water. I still enjoy the peace and quiet of the country and watching the seasons change. I have three horses, 4 outdoor cats, 2 dogs, and 2 indoor cats.
During the summer, I spend it outside with my garden and flowers.
This has been such a strange ending to school.  I hope that we as a nation never have to face this again.  Good news is how everyone handled it, especially parents and students.  You are truly amazing to have stepped up and interacted across the media.  Someday when students are reading about this on their computers, you will be able to say you not only survived, but you concurred!    

Mrs. Hutchinson