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In honor of National School Library Month (April), LES holds various competitions highlighting books that have become movies. There is weekly trivia, and students create movie-book mash-ups or write movie-book reviews as well.
Popcorn movie reel pop

Open the file above for just a few titles of books we have that are also movies.
Sample Movie Reviews:

Title: Above by Roland Smith

5 stars

These kids get kidnapped and one of them get captured again so the two boys try and locate their friend Kate. They try to get her 0000 and save her while being chased by the same people that kidnapped Kate.

Title: A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket

5 stars

The Baderlairs' parents die so they go to live with a (not) cousin, Count Olaf! Count Olaf wants their fortune, and after a long time of cleaning, cooking and chores, their accountant...